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Superior Garage Flooring offers concrete coatings and refinishing for garages, patios, commercial spaces - almost any concrete surface. We offer both epoxy based and polyurea/polyaspartic based finishes. From Macon to Ringgold, LaGrange or Carrollton to Athens, we've completed projects and delighted our customers throughout the North Georgia area.


By offering our customers the choice between traditional epoxy based floors or polyurea/polyaspartic based floors, Superior Garage Flooring can match customer requirements and budget better than our competitors. 


Superior Garage Flooring is an independent, Atlanta owned and operated company.

Our owner is personally involved in each and every project, from the estimate to the installation. We don't farm out or work to sub-contractors. We aren't limited by franchise requirements to utilize one specific coating type, and we aren’t locked into one key supplier. This independence allows us to recommend the best material and approach for the job. This flexibility offers SGF a tremendous advantage vs our competitors.


Epoxy products are widely available in both consumer and professional grades, but we use only top-quality, professional grade materials. This a another key difference between Superior Garage Flooring and consumer grade kits you can purchase from big box home improvement stores.

Polyurea products are much more limited in supplier availability and the expertise necessary to ensure a quality installation. Polyurea coatings are superior in both speed of application and durability, and allow you to use your floor in 24-36 hours rather than 48+ hours. Learn more about the difference by clicking here.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is another critical difference between a Superior Garage Flooring Surface and a DIY kit. Most home or business owners don't have access to a commercial-grade sanding and buffing system that completely removes the top layer of concrete and any old paint, coatings, or surfaces. Proper contact between the base coat and the concrete is what makes the floor last!

If the concrete was previously untreated or coated and has stains, especially oil or chemical stains - proper surface preparation makes the difference between a successful project and one that will ultimately fail with cracking, chipping, peeling, or fading.

Once old surfaces are completely removed or properly prepared, Superior Garage Flooring uses professional-grade materials and processes to seal cracks and crevices and complete the floor preparation process.

The Sealer or Top Coat Really Matters!

Many DIY kits consist of an epoxy base coat and chips but do not contain the materials necessary to seal and protect the surface. With no protective coating, the epoxy and chips often fade and can begin to shed chips with use, especially in warm temperatures and exposure to hot car or vehicle tires.

We apply a polyaspartic clear coat which is uv stable to seal and protect the base coat and color.

Read more about how we prepare your concrete surface and why it matters.


Quality isn’t just materials, the knowledge and skill of the installer are critical. The owner of Superior Garage Flooring has personally worked on over two-hundred concrete coating installations during the past three years using both epoxy and polyurea based products in residential and commercial settings and in all kinds of environmental conditions. 

The lessons learned from this first-hand experience are invaluable in terms of installation techniques and choice of materials, i.e., epoxy vs. polyurea. In simple terms, we have learned through real experience what to do and, even more importantly, what NOT to do.


We back our workmanship and materials with a lifetime warranty. If the surface ever peels, we will repair it at no cost to you.

Our Work

See the dramatic before and after pictures from a few of our recent projects, and check out our reviews on Google and Thumbtack.


We appreciate our customers and are thankful for the many referrals we have received over the years. Referrals are our number one source of advertising.

We can provide an initial estimate over the phone if you know the approximate square footage of your project. Still, we prefer to visit your home or business, carefully measure the project area, and evaluate the surface conditions and prep work necessary to ensure a high-quality installation.

A personal visit also allows us to show you the color and surface options available and, importantly, for you to meet our owner who would be leading your installation team.

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Custom Chip Colors for College or Pro Teams - Inlaid Logos and Graphics for Car Brands, Business Logos, Almost Any Graphic

Have a favorite sports team or want to showcase your dream car with a custom logo inlaid in your custom chip and epoxy colors? Superior Garage Flooring can give you a one-of-a-kind custom floor for your residence or business. See this project.

Custom Chip and Epoxy Colors - Inlaid Logo protected with clearcoat

Custom Floor to Match Hellcat

Chip or Metallic Finish - Commercial and Residential Floors

Superior Garage Flooring has unsurpassed experience installing the new metallic floor surfaces. Metallic floor surfaces are more reflective and brilliant than stained or concrete finishes, and hide more surface imperfections. Each metallic floor is completely unique, no two floors are alike. We can create a one-of-a-kind metallic floor for your business or home.

Atlanta Bar/Restaurant

See More Pics & Video

Atlanta Hotel Meeting Room

See More Pics & Video

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If you have a concrete surface, chances are we can repair and refinish it. From residential garages to sidewalks, patios, pool decks and basements, we cover them all. We also offer coatings and refinishing for commercial spaces.

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